Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Rape: Who's At Fault?

Recently, I saw a comment on an article shared about a rape story, while scrolling scrolling through my news feed.
The comment left me disgusted at how bizarre the mind-set of some people is, and at how can some think this way.

I am, thus writing this article as a reply to the Sir who made this comment, and to everyone else, just as a reminder of how heinous the act is.

Firstly, Rape is downright wrong. Whether a man, or a female is raped, that does not matter.
Coming to whose fault it is, I can assure you all that, rape, under any and every circumstance is never the fault of the victim. No human can ever do anything that makes them worthy of being raped. The victim under no law, and in influence of no reason is deserving of this act. There is no law in any country, and any religion that suggests or allows rape as a punishment. The victim is victim. The victim is not guilty of anything.

Taking the article under discussion into consideration, the woman had refused to marry a local goon, who upon refusal raped the woman, then threw her near her parents' house, and told them that he had taught them a lesson.
This is no excuse to rape someone, and this is no reason to rape someone. All the laws, and the religions give everyone a right to marry with their choice taken into account, and not to forced into marriage. Rape, on the other hand, is not allowed. We all have been alloted some basic rights, and there is no right called 'Right to Rape'. There is no doubt on whose fault it is, and I am shocked that such a controversy was even raised.

Rape, affects the victim in more ways, than one can imagine. It affects the victim physically and mentally, it affects the soul of the victim. Rape affects every part of the victim's life. The rapist, on the other hand, not even little close to it and rarely goes through anything such. The hell that the victim goes through is too much, and nothing can make them deserving of that. It is never a rape victim's fault. No person in their right mind would think elsewise, and no person with littlest of fear of God in them would do such a heinous act.
Everyone needs to understand this.

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  1. I really liked that instead of "Man" or "Woman" you used the word "Victim".The victim is truly never at fault.My own history with sexual abuse left me scarred for many years. I like the way you have expressed yourself , well done!