Friday, 25 October 2013

"I am stronger than that!"

Every morning we wake up, another day, another journey.. But, there are many whose last tomorrow was today...
Some wake up excited, happy and all energetic because for them it's another fascinating and prodigious day, while others, for them, it’s a strenuous and grievous day.

I have woke up lots of times and wanted to sleep again, too scared to face what’s ahead, and I think that many of you might have wanted the same. But why? Why are we not ready to wake up? Why are we backing out?
I believe that it is simply because we are not who we set out to be. Along the way, either we forgot or this world made us forget. When everything is going smoothly and suddenly we come across crooked rugged pathway we lose faith.Our hopes are destroyed just because calamities struck us. Does that make us sound weak? Yes it does. What happened to us? How did we become so broken? We lost faith in Allah..

He the most Exalted said:
"And whosoever puts his trust in Allah, then He will suffice him."

Life has a way of getting to us. No matter what has happened, something good is always around the corner and the sun will always shine again. I have backed out on life many times, but I have always found hope. The hardest thing to do at times is to gather yourself, all those little pieces, and tell yourself you can do it, but can you do it? I called it “hardest” not “impossible”.
Our thoughts are far-fetched and our patience is lessening. If we don’t work hard on ourselves, we can never make it.

The society plays a major role in destroying us and breaking us apart. It kills you, leaves you weeping, makes your heart ache,make you scream and makes your soul bleed. It pressurizes our mind, till we stop believing, its degrades till we stop living. And the worst part is, we are part of this society. So hell yeah, the way others make us feel, weep, ache, scream and bleed.. We ourselves have done the same to many..

Pain comes in many forms, some you can handle,other, you have no choice but handle.
Relationship bonds weaker than spider’s web, friendship hanging on cliffhanger,trust fading, falsehood trading places with truth,imagination running wild put thoughts too pessimistic. More hearts are breaking, and people are less understanding.

Everything around us, we’re afraid of it. We find as if no one is there anymore. Well, At Times, you have to give everything up and be your own superhero.
Take out an old photo album of you, and see if that kid knows what to do. I have a childhood picture of myself in the room, it gives hope.
Wipe away the tears, you don’t need tissues anymore, look yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself “I am stronger than that!”
Someone once said,
“No pain, No gain.”

So we may endure frightening waves pounding and crashing our fragile craft in frigid water. But we also experience twilight sky and calm waters.
So just put your faith in Allah. pray to Him and Everything is gonna be alright, I promise.

“Might not be tonight, Might not be the next day.. But one day, everything is going to be okay...”

1 comment:

  1. ah i can relate to your posts a lot.
    this post gave me hope and now i can hit them right at the face with the attitude that I AM STRONGER THAN THAT
    my friend gifted me photo frame star shaped and i was really concerned which photo to put in and now i guess i should go on with your suggestion of putting a childhood u said it will give you hope and cheers.
    But i am afraid, wouldn't it break me more if i see on that picture and it will tell me i was so unaware at that time what the people around me would make my life a living hell. plus won't that remind me about that past again or its just my illusion...
    anyways i am gonna try that...let's see what it brings for me hopes or old shattered screams...
    anyways your blog is always open in my browser and i am reading all the previous ones,,,,it gives me a lot of hope.
    i also blog and writing is the only place to find solace.