Sunday, 27 October 2013

If tomorrow never comes..

Appreciation- According to Oxford Dictionaries, it’s The recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something . For my little niece, must be chocolates and toys. Well in my book, it’s something I’ve not seen much in this world.

We nowadays, are ungrateful. We take every single thing for granted; friends,family,happiness,success, in short: LIFE. We take our lives for granted and everything that falls within it.

I barely know what my best friend thinks of me, I don’t know what value do I have in my best friend’s life, I have no idea if I have made my parents proud or not, I don’t know whether my sister hates me like they show in dramas and I am also pretty sure that my best friend doesn’t know whether I value our friendship, or my parents don’t know how much I love them, or my sister doesn’t know that.

But why is it so? Why is it so that I have them with me most of the time and yet I don’t know how they feel or  they don’t know how I feel? ‘Cause we don’t express, do we? We don’t appreciate, do we?

Abu Burda narrates, That his father said, "The Prophet sent Mu'adh and Abu Musa to Yemen telling them. 'Treat the people with ease and don't be hard on them; give them glad tidings and don't fill them with aversion; and love each other, and don't differ."

Things come and go, but never do we know it’s value ‘til we need it. We never appreciate life and everything which we are blessed with.

"Any blessing you are given is from God." 16:53
"Your Lord has decreed : "The more you thank Me, the more I give you. But if you turn unappreciative, then My retribution is severe." 14:7

If people started appreciating, there would be more peace, love and humanity in the world. If only people knew what they meant to you, things would be better.

Now, I ask, What would happen if tomorrow never comes? Will they know how much you loved them? Did you try in every way, to show them everyday? What if one of yours’ time on Earth was through?
See I have lost people in the past who didn’t knew what they meant to me, and never would I want that to happen again. Now I live with the regret.
So, appreciate. Show the love you have inside. Don’t take anything for granted. Pay gratitude to God and value everything, tell that someone you love what you are thinking of. So avoid that circumstance where there is no second chance. ‘Cause what if tomorrow never comes?

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